1.6 Features and Issues

Really like all the new features in 1.5 and 1.6. But hey I want more.
Please, fix the numbers when setting things like volume when adding a command. The number always adds 1. So if I have the SetVolume to use -30, the result is SetVolume -31.
On the new dimming feature, can you please have the dim feature stop when the user presses the home button. Otherwise, the screen is dimmed for all the applications.
On the iTunes play lists, can you please have the selected list play on second touch? It is not clear that the play link at the top of the list is what needs to be touched to start the media playing.
Thank you.

The dimming issue is an iOS bug. That will need to be fixed by Apple. Basically you need to tap the screen to un-dim.

The volume issue would have to be specific to your receiver brand and perhaps model. We’d encourage you to report that to support.

Thank you.