1.9 missing directv info on remote

After the 1.9 update the show info no longer shows up for directv. I looked at various settings to add it back but no luck. The receivers are HR20-100s via TCP.

Have you tried deleting the DTV devices and re-adding them?

Thank you.

No I did not, that will delete all references and I will have to document all refs so I can put them back in. Is there a way to do this without deleting all references? It’s a lot of work once one is deleted to get back to where I was.

Support can help you with that in a way that doesn’t require re-adding them.

Thank you.

I deleted the devices, then added the 2. The remotes then displayed the show info for a while. After a while, 2 of the 3 activities no longer displayed show info. Seems to temporarily work. Will pass this on to support.

I am having similar issues as well.



We fixed this for Mario. It’s a bug in migration. Any newly added devices are fine. So deleting the device and adding it fresh resolves the issue. If you’d like to fix it yourself, the type of the device in Roomie.plist needs to be changed from 17 to 18 for DirecTV receivers. Support can also do this for you and send your configuration back to you. Version 1.9.1 will also auto-correct that.

Thank you.

Same issue for me, no live feedback for DirecTV after upgrade to 1.9. Not sure I want to go to the trouble of converting the .plist to a format that can be edited, etc. When will 1.9.1 be available?

If I send you the .plist files to make the change, I assume you want the migrated version of the files or do you need the old version before the 1.9 update? And is it only “RoomieRemotes.plist” that you need?

There’s no conversion or special trick needed, it’s very simple. Just send your Roomie.plist from 1.9 to support if you’d like us to change the 17 to 18 for you. Or just add the device fresh.

Thank you.

OK, it makes a difference opening the .plist file on a Mac vs. a Windows PC (duh!) . Was easy once I moved to my Mac and opened the Roomie.plist file. I’ve changed the type from 17 to 18 and the live feedback is working perfectly now. Thanks!