2.0.2 Change History

2.0.2 is now available on the App Store with the following fixes:

  • Fixed issues with loading custom command sets and saving new Infrared learned devices.
  • Don't open a blank guide for Apple TV if no iTunes Device is associated with the Activity.
  • Indigo custom ports are now respected during auto-discovery.
  • Fixed row enabling and deleting in the Infrared Command editor.
  • Fixed album count for XBMC Media Guide.
  • Fixed crash migrating some very old configurations.
  • Fixed crash opening Gesture panels in some cases.
  • Adjusted feedback positioning in Gesture panels.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi Warning to position itself correctly.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi Warning to appear more than once on iPads.
  • Fixed parameters for commands to use a normal keyboard rather than a URL keyboard.
  • Fixed port numbers for Sony devices.

Thank you.