2.0.4 Change History

Roomie 2.0.3 has just been released on the App Store. The following is a detailed list of improvements:

  • VLC 2.1 support added.
  • Roomie Service: Added ~8,000 new infrared commands and full guide support for 16 new countries including Ireland and most of Latin America. See website for detailed listings.
  • Sonos and XBMC Media Guides improved cover art and appearance on iOS 7.
  • Indigo 6: Added authentication support.
  • Improved Sonos grouping.
  • Automatic Setup: Absorbing the local Roomie configuration from any Roomie on the network is now immediately engaged as an option when starting up without any devices or a fresh install. Reset Configuration button is no longer needed in those cases.
  • Fixed synchronization of changes to channel lineups via Wi-Fi Synchronization.
  • Fixed DirecTV progress bar for some programs.
  • Fixed timing issue within .03 second window might not stop a hardware volume button repeating command on button release.
  • Fixed Dropbox Restore that could create a corrupt RoomieCodes file if a user did not have one.
  • Sonos Group buttons no longer incorrectly added to a Remote Design in some cases.
  • XBMC Activities may now use either the XBMC Media Guide or a Channel Guide.
  • Lutron Radio RA 2 now synchronizes keypads and buttons as well as lights and shades allowing BUTTON PRESS commands to simulate keypad usage.
  • Updated many logos for Projectors, TVs, Cameras, and added Vizio logo.
  • Fixed incorrect daypart header in guide on iPhone screen sizes after rotating screen.
  • Activity button sizes are slightly smaller.
  • Restore last guide position when loading a guide.
  • Fixed “UPDATE” to capitalize correctly on Virtual Remotes.
  • Fix crash auto-scrolling to a room with no devices.
  • Fix visual errors editing/deleting custom devices on iOS 7.
  • Fix case where "null" would appear in command log.
  • Improved channel icon matching for many guide lineups.
  • Many additional fixes from analyzed field reports.

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Hurray !
Roomie is definitely the killer app for me at the moment, it has been a long time since I have been so excited about a new application on my smartphone. I can’t wait to get my hand on a new ip-controllable television set as well as ipc-controllable thermostats, doorintercom/videofoons etc.
Keep up the good work !

We made a few more quick fixes to the 2.0.X line. 2.0.4 is now going live on the App Store with the following fixes:

  • Fixed crash affecting German, French, and Spanish localizations.
  • Fixed inline editing of Gesture Panels.
  • Fixed an issue migrating very old configurations.

Thank you.