2.0 + Indigo



First of all, congratulations on the great job and I love the 2.0 upgrade!


So, I am using 2.0 and added my Indigo library to Roomie, but although I see all my Indigo devices in the remote in Roomie, the devices are not responding to Roomie commands.


Are thete any steps necessary on the Indigo server side to enable it to be controlled by Roomie?

I already have remote access enabled in Indigo (I have Indigo 6.0 Pro) and control it successfully with the Indigo app.





BTW, I just noticed in the events log in Indigo that messages like the ones in the image attached start to appear as soon as I open the Indigo scene in roomie

Oh, and I have setup the password correctly on both Indigo and roomie.



I have the exact same problem and user/password are set correctly. (I can access the Indigo webserver page using a.b.c.d:8176 and authenticate).

Indigo Event Log showed WebServer access denied “http://a.b.c.d:8176/devices/xyz.xml” from user @ w.x.y.z

I even toggled Basic authentication and digest authentication in /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 6/IndigoWebServer/IndigoWebServer.conf from instruction here:

perceptiveautomation.com/use … mie#p67670

I previously switched to basic authentication so I can use Roomie Command “Open URL in Roomie” user:password@a.b.c.d:8176

Note I’m still using Indigo 5 Pro.


Definitely Indigo 6 is required. We have not yet updated the compatibility lists for 2.0.

Thank you.

I have Indigo 6. It was the second user who posted here that doesn’t .



If you’re using Indigo 6 and not able to get it going, please contact support. They will ask for a Collect Diagnostics session and get the appropriate info to resolve.

Thank you.

Has there been any updates to this? I am also experiencing the access denied error on Indigo 6 when authentication is enabled on my Indigo server. I disabled security completely (my indigo is not exposed to the internet anyway) and Roomie is able to communicate with indigo, setting lamp brightness, etc. However, my sliders are not pre-populating with the status of devices. Anyone else experiencing this?

2.0.2 fixed issues with Indigo custom ports.

2.0.3 fixes Indigo authentication.

There are no other known issues with Indigo based on support queries right now. We tracked down a couple of reports of “feedback isn’t showing” and they turned out to be simply Insteon devices misconfigured or off.

One related note would be that the way Indigo is currently providing feedback could become unwieldy at a large number of devices with simultaneous feedback. Whereas for instance the ISY device provides feedback for every Insteon device in one request, Indigo does not currently have the ability to provide that so we recommend making sure your Remote Designs that include Indigo feedback controls are targeted to specific sets of devices such as the lights in a single room. We have discussed this with the Indigo people and are under the impression such an ability may be provided in the future.

Thank you.

Roomie 2.0.3 is now available and does add support for Indigo’s authentication feature.

Thank you.