2012 Gt50 turn off

Hi all,

I have everything setup correctly for the most part but my 2012 GT 50 will not turn off. I have the wake on lan in the “System off” activity but it is not turning it off. As far as turning the tv on, going to the right input, volume…All is working correctly.



Instead of +WAKE ON LAN, try using POWER TOGGLE in the “System off” activity. POWER TOGGLE is effectively power off as you need to use wake on lan to turn it on.

I have the same problem with my GT50. Wake on lan works (over Ethernet), and all other devices and commands work fine within roomie. The power off (toggle) does work if you’re in the TV remote, but it will not work within an activity (such as System Off). I’ve tried setting up new activities to turn the system “off”, and the GT50 power toggle will work to turn the system off the first time, but then it no longer will turn it off. This one has driven me nuts! I hate having to hit System Off, and then go back to tv remote to turn off the tv!

Sounds like you turned on Track Toggled Power for the device. That does not work with a Wake on LAN device because Wake on LAN is intrinsically not a toggle, it’s discrete. Turning that off will let the toggle command go through which is effectively a discrete POWER OFF because the device doesn’t listen for it when turned off.

Thank you.

Cheers Roomie, that solved the problem. Do you know if there’s anyway I can change the picture mode on the GT50 (i.e. from Game to Custom, or Vivid to THX Movie - and vice versa) with a command or a string?