2013 series 10 Sony blu ray players

In your compatibility chart, it stated, “Use free Sony Media Remote iOS app to register with the Sony BDP prior to use.”

Do you have the exact name of the app In the app store? The apps posted by Sony corp. don’t perform this registration. link link would be splendid!

Any idea when the series 10 blu ray players will be compatible?

Yes, Sony has not updated Media Remote yet per our tweet. Perhaps they’re having trouble getting their new TV Sideview feature past the App Store review. Regardless, it just doesn’t exist.

Most of Roomie’s functionality still works with the players despite that of course, but full functionality will require registration with Media Remote as usual which means Sony needs to update it – which they are no doubt highly motivated to do as their marketing materials for the 2010 line all talk about it.

Note that as of now, we have only been able to test the 1100 (didn’t do anything) and 3100 (worked fine). However, the 3100 does not have Wake on LAN and its network port seems to be entirely off when the unit is off, so we think that model may be a dead end. When the 5100 becomes available, we will test again. So if you can get a 590 at this point, that’s a great model with full IP control.

Okay I just ordered the 590 at amazon for $98.00. The price went down like $50 in the last couple weeks. I’ll report my experience.

I just purchased a BDP-S3100 and my experience matches with yours. Somehow I managed to miss this message about the WOL being useless, which is unfortunate. However, I added it as a Series 9 Device, once as an IR and and once as an ethernet device. Then, I use the IR Power On command to turn it on, and the ethernet commands for everything else. Been working well thus far.

However, the keyboard command doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried it in several different text entry fields on the device, and typed characters never appear. Is this one of those abilities that isn’t available until you register it with Sony’s Media Remote iPhone app (the one that currently won’t find Series 10 devices)?

On a completely unrelate note, if you press Play while a video in the YouTube app is already playing, the device stops responding to inputs and you have to pull the power cord to restart it. I assume this is just a bug in the firmware/youtube app.

The keyboard control and media identification feedback for Sony BD requires Sony’s Media Remote app to register the unit. As Sony has not updated their app, there is no actual way to do that with the 2013 players yet because Sony’s current (old) app doesn’t even recognize their new players. We presume they will be updating their app anytime now as it is advertised on the box and all their materials.

Note that we did just have a chance to test the new 5100 unit and it does indeed have the Remote Start feature (Wake on LAN) and work well with it.

Thank you.

Can you tell me if the 5100 has to be in quickstart mode for WOL to work?

The feature is called “Remote Start” in their menus for the 5100. That’s what turns on Wake on LAN specifically. We’re not sure if QuickStart mode has any impact on that. It “shouldn’t”.

Thank you.

Just for posterity’s sake, there are two related options: “Remote Start” and “Quick Start”. “Quick Start” basically puts the device into sleep mode rather than powering it off. “Remote Start” refers to WOL. “Remote Start” is only available if “Quick Start” is also turned on.

Also, as of a few weeks ago, there was a firmware update that fixed the Youtube player. It hasn’t crashed once on me since.

Also, with respect to media identification feedback, it looks as if Sony has discontinued their Media Remote application. It looks as if TV Sideview is the replacement. After downloading this, I was able to register my iPhone and iPad as remotes for the BDP-S5100 (I ended up exchanging the BDP-S3100 for a 5100). However, there is still no media feedback (play time, etc). Is there something special I’m supposed to do? The supported devices page says just to register the device as a remote before adding the player to Roomie.

The feedback on the Sony players per the IP compatibility list is “Keyboard, Media Identification” not play time (that is a feature supported on some Panasonic, Pioneer, and Oppo players).

If you have been able to register the player using Sony’s app, then in theory you should be able to get the Keyboard to work and if the player has had a chance to perform a Gracenote lookup for the DVD/BD you’re watching it will identify the media being played. If it hasn’t then the field remains blank and simply displays the type of media icon (DVD, BD, etc). The player does a lazy lookup to Gracenote. You usually need to start and stop the disc for it to proceed.

Thank you.

Ah, my misunderstanding. Unfortunately, I can get neither the identification or keyboard to work. The Gracenote DB lookups are succeeding, at least on the player. When I use the TV Sideview app, it’s implementation of the keyboard works correctly, but even it doesn’t display any media identification.

We just found an issue with the Series 10 players (3100, 5100) that prevented the new feedback for media identification from working. This will be fixed in Roomie 1.9 as all library updates are currently pending on 1.9 due to some architectural improvements. Note that Sony still only provides media identification and not play progress/time position feedback.

Thank you.