3rd party iOS Mail app support

I got rid of the native iOS mail app the day iOS 10 was released and allowed deleting the mail app.
And have used Airmail ever since then.

But, from time to time when I need to send a tech support ticket in I have re-download the mail app from the App Store, add my email account to it… in order to get the support ticket out to you guys.

Would it be possible for you to look into 3rd party iOS Mail app support.


The right way to handle this is for Apple to genericize the API for sending mail. I realize that’s a “programmer response”, but in terms of overall priority, I’d expect (1) it’s not unlikely for Apple to do that, and (2) we would then get that functionality for free.

The fundamental problem is that in the absence of such an API, we have to decide for you which 3rd party clients we care about. That’s pretty much hopeless. You may think Airmail, the next guy thinks Outlook, the next guy thinks Gmail. There are many popular email clients. So anyway, WWDC in 34 days.

Hey Will,
Thanks for the “programmer response.”
Hopefully Apple one day genericizes that API.

PS. If this never comes to be and you do one to implement this feature maybe you can start a poll on which mail client we’d like to see Simple Control gain functionality for.