7/2 Library Update Changes

Here are the primary changes in the library from the 7/2 update that just went live.

IP Highlights
Denon/Marantz Receivers: Added 2012 Input selections for AUX1, Media Player, and SiriusXM.
Pioneer Receivers: Added extra input for 2012 models and Input Up/Down commands as well as Input HDMI toggle command.
Onkyo/Integra Receivers: Added RIHD (Onkyo HDMI CEC) commands for TVs. These join the existing RIHD commands for DVD/Blu-ray Players. These commands are dependent on your Onkyo receiver’s configuration and compatibility with your components, but may allow basic control of your TV from your receiver.
Sony Blu-ray Players: Added identical command set for Series 9 players to clarify which set to use.

Scientific Atlanta 3/4000 Series Cable: Moved ENTER to DIGIT ENTER which will cause the guide channel change logic to use CURSOR ENTER properly for changing channels.

To force your copy of Roomie to update right away, force quit Roomie by tapping the Home button, then double-tap Home to bring up the application bar, tap and hold the Roomie icon until a red minus sign appears, and then tap that sign. The next time you run Roomie, the library will automatically update.