A couple of quick questions

This looks like exactly the solution I’ve been looking for. A couple of quick questions:

  1. Can I customize the “remote” buttons? For example, can I change the “0” button to load the “Now Playing List” on a Tivo?

  2. Can I create macros/alias’ within a specific remote? For example, can I have a custom “show device information” on my AppleTV “remote”?

  3. Can I control MythTV (WMC)?



I have been using Roomie for a couple of months now and I love it. I am new but can try to answer your questions.

  1. The activity remote buttons can be customized for any mixture of devices and actions.

  2. Each button on an activity remote can have timed actions (macros)

  3. Even if this device is not supported, you should be able to learn IR codes for it if it can be controlled by IR.

Have Fun!