A few suggestions for incorporating in future releases


Firstly thank you for a great product that once mastered is excellent.

A couple of ideas for future releases:

The abilty to disable the tv guide altogether. I find it obtrusive and being a Sky Customer in the UK, it is a little inaccurate. Some channels are in the wrong places (Sky organise channels depending on certain subscription criteria) and there are complete missing tv listings for a lot of the channels. As the tv screen guide is much easier to use, I don’t see much benefit in trying to replicate it on the iPad. Other people will disagree so the flexibility of showing or hiding it would be useful.

Customisable commands in a pop up menu (collapsed code). My AV Receiver’s Mode feedback display shows every sound mode my receiver has to offer, when only a few are actually needed or used. The ability to customise this by either selecting which commands with prefix MODE are included or, preferably, an add individual command option for the popup list.

The ability to create custom groups of buttons.

The ability to change the order of each group of buttons eg move the play control pad above the directional pad. Also would it be possible to use two columns for an iPad when viewed in landscape mode? Currently the remote doesn’t fit on the screen and you have to scroll down the ipad to view the buttons at the bottom, making it a little ineligant.

+1 for the customisable collapsed buttons - it would also be good to be able to mix and match from different remotes (e.g. an activity’s input button could include receiver inputs and tv inputs)

+1 for customisable groups - the templates are pretty good, I’m happy with top bar, media, directional, play control number and ‘other’, but it would be great to be able to include multiple versions and in any order. It would also be great it you could specify how they layout with different amounts of screen real estate available (e.g. with no guide, you could display directional and transport side-by-side in landscape mode)

Thinking about it, it’d be really cool to be able to save remote sections separately and then build a remote from the saved sections.

+1 for moving the group order of the virtual remote. I want the coloured buttons higher up on the remote, above the number keys (as per the REAL remote).


And finally, where is the graphical remote for SkyHD UK? I’m still finding myself using the hard remote supplied with the Sky box, as it’s far more intuative.

Also +1 for removing the Guide, especially given Sky+ App. On that subject, how can one launch the sky app via the URL option?


And PLEASE, let’s have SkyHD UK IP control :slight_smile:

The guide can already be disabled. Just open Guide Settings, tap Guide Setup, and then tap the guide off for any Activity you don’t want the guide to appear.

We hear the other requests here and certainly some of them are planned.

+1 for mix and match buttons for activity remotes I have several that need collapsing buttons for more than one remote

Ditto the above.

+1 custom collapsible menus. Like stuart, I want to use a collapsible button with a few (but not all) AVR sound modes.

+1 for changing the display order of sections/pads/buttons within a remote’s design.

Even on a taller iPhone 5, I have to scroll past the menu buttons just to get to the transport controls for my Sony Blu-Ray. Why can’t we tap/hold/drag to place the button groups in a more useful/practical order?

Also, with all due respect, the “roomie” logo takes up quite a bit of space – particularly on an iPhone’s smaller display. (I imagine this is not an issue on an iPad. Haven’t set mine up, yet, but I’ll get to it soon.) While I fully understand the need for branding, we already know what app we’re using. :slight_smile:

+1 for customisable collapsed buttons

I was hoping to be able to create a menu button for my favorite channels from an XM Tuner. Right now, the default remote for this Tuner (Marantz ST7001) has a Collapse Button called “Channels” which uses the CHANNEL prefix. This results in a menu containing all of the CHANNEL commands from the Tuner device, with each item labeled “Channel nnn”. There are well over 100 entries in this list, 90% of which I will never access. But there are enough channels I’d like to directly access that creating individual single-command buttons would take up too much real estate.


Instead, I’d like to be able to create a button menu and add specific commands (Channels, in this case), each with a meaningful name. For example “Deep Tracks”, which would invoke the CHANNEL 027 command. In my case these are all from the same device, but I can see the utility of allowing commands from other devices as mentioned in previous posts.

+1 for customizable collapse buttons. I am watching a movie and want to selmode from one of a few sound modes.