A few V5 questions

  1. Is “hub relay” something I need to configure or is it pre-configured in the device configurations? It appears to not be a user setting but I wanted to make sure.

  2. My Pioneer VSX-822K receiver shows up in Alexa as a light so I can’t control anything on it except on/off. Is there something I’m missing or is it an issue for support?

  3. When would I want to run an activity from the hub (iOS)?

Thanks, Bill

Nothing you need to do to enable Hub relay. If you have a Hub configured, devices that we have configured as Hub relay are already using it.

Sounds like a toggle Activity or device. In an Alexa Smart Home skill, everything is basically on/off. For more detailed control, use the Custom Skill.

Many reasons. The most common is a long-running sequence of events. A shutdown sequence that takes 30 seconds for instance would be good as Run from Simple Hub to ensure it completes properly whereas if you ran it on your phone and then closed the app while it was running, it would not complete.