Ability to create "Lite" remotes for Parent and Elderly

It would be nice to have the ability to create a “lite/fully customizable” remote from a button display perspective. The lite remote would allow the user to create a streamlined remote with only a few buttons on the screen. (i.e. Turn on TV, Vol Up, Vol Down, Guide, Chan Up, Chan Down, etc)


Lots of times my parents and elderly friends/family visit our home. However, they find the roomie remote a little too complicated to use. I would like to buy a couple older iPads instead of having to bring out the old universal remotes or possibly buying remotes to use when visitors come by. This would keep the visitors of the home from having to say “Can you help me turn on the TV”.


Any button on the default Virtual Remote can be removed. So to have just a few buttons, you could either start with a blank Remote Design and add the buttons you want, or start with a remote generated from say your TV and then remove buttons that you don’t want.