Activity Design for Distributed Audio/Video

I apologize ahead of time for the number of times the word “activity” is about to be used. :slight_smile:

How do you all handle setting up activities for devices that are in an AV closet and can be used from multiple rooms, i.e. video devices accessed through a video matrix? It seems like the only option is to have an individual media activity for each device per room, which leads to a ton of duplication and clutter. Ann i missing something obvious that makes this easy to achieve with a simple workflow for end users?

I’ve been trying to figure out a nice pattern that uses inline activities with action panels for each video device to switch between video sources and then a single ‘Watch TV’ media action that calls another activity (whatever the default source activity for the room is) for starting the whole thing. I think it could work except the inline activity I associate with the main ‘Watch TV’ activity either doesn’t trigger or it doesn’t show its action panel when started that way.

That would still need to have duplicate activities in each room, but I think the presentation is slightly less cluttered that way. It would be nice to be able to associate sub-activities with another activity that would be displayed only when that activity is active.

What do people who have done this before usually do? Looking for tips on how to best set up a configuration for a distributed media installation.