Add Additional Share

Brand new to Roomie, so still getting my bearings. We have three Apple IDs, one for me, one for my wife, and one for home automation iPads. All three are in an Apply Family Plan. So, I set up Roomie on an HA iPad and got that far. Then shared the configuration with my Apple ID and got that working. Now, I’d like to share with my wife’s Apple ID. I downloaded the app, and it shows ‘subscribed’ as it should, but when I go back to the original iPad, select a Home, and select Sharing, it only shows me those first two Apple IDs and no button to add a third?

That’s an Apple UI. It seems to have been made a little less easy to understand in iOS 15. You just need to click into Share Options and then “Copy Link” and then send that link to whoever you want to add.

Strangely, the first time you add sharees, Apple provides this great UI where it automatically lets you send shares via Messages or many other direct options, but then every sharee you add after the first they just toss that link onto your clipboard and let you handle it manually. Even though it was already nicer in iOS 14.

The world works in mysterious ways.

Thanks. Not willfully trying to be dense, but if I copy link and then use iMessage or Mail to send the link, on the other end I get « Theowner stopped sharing or you don’t have permission to open it”

Turns out you are right. This is an Apple bug in iOS 15 which is known. Works on iOS 14. References include:

Seems like it has already been filed many times in RADAR so presumably will be fixed soon. Use iOS 14 to add additional people after the first and those work fine with iOS 15 and any other devices across iCloud.

iOS 15.2b2 has the fix for this.