Add helpful "Wi-fi disabled" message

I just spent 10 minutes troubleshooting Roomie on my iPad. My iPhone was working perfectly, but the iPad wasn’t. iCloud and wi-fi sync have always worked in the past, and I even re-synced with Dropbox for extra measure – but to no avail.

Then it hit me: At a diner whose wi-fi was misbehaving, I’d recently disabled my iPad’s wi-fi. And since it also has 3G, I’d forgotten to reenable the wi-fi when I got home. Most internet functions are not wi-fi specific, so I hadn’t noticed.

Since Roomie’s commands were red, I knew there was a problem, but it wasn’t specified. In such cases, it would be quite helpful if a pop-up window informed us that wi-fi is simply disabled. :slight_smile:

Nice and use full idea

+1, this would be a quick and easy addition

… or you could just look at your iPad’s status bar to see if the wifi symbol is there.

Haha. I have done this a few times. I often turn my wifi off while at work to access sites and apps that are blocked by firewalls such as facebook and spotify. I get home and go to use my remote and have a few minutes of what the heck is going on before it hits me. This would make quick work of realizing the problem.

I had this happen last weekend.

Seeing the wifi icon is ok, but you do not equate the problem that occurs, ie, all IP stuff doesn’t work, so you reload from Dropbox (which works), and still nothing.

Roomie knows that wifi is off and will therefore NOT be able to do almost ANY IP stuff. A quick little window saying that ‘Warning! IP Functions disabled, Local LAN access turned off’ would have saved me 3 hours and 2 forum posts and an email to support



There was a pithy reply, above, making light of my request. But Computers/smart devices are designed to make tasks easier for us. Many of us have very complicated lives (and setups!), and when my iPad was otherwise working perfectly, it simply didn’t occur to me that the problem was something as simple as wi-fi being off.

I rarely turn it off – so, on the one occasion on which I had, earlier in the day, it simply didn’t occur to me, when Roomie stopped working, to consider wi-fi as the culprit.

Applications routinely inform users of many things. As you stated, philhu, Roomie knows that wi-fi is off. So, if Roomie requires wi-fi to operate, a simple reminder – “Hey! Wi-fi’s off!” – is a reasonable prospect that would certainly spare many users this frustration. :slight_smile:

This has been added to the next release.

Thank you.


Thats awesome!