Add search to the guide

Being able to search the guide for TV would be a nice feature

I agree , before using roomie i used the logitech link… roomie is a 100 times better but one feature i really miss is the search function in the guide… it would be great to have the option to search for a show you know is on air, and not having to browse the entire guide to find it… like a nba game or anything else.

I would also like to the guide search too. Another guide search would be the ability to search the available channels when editing the guide. This would make it easier when looking for a channel with a specific channel and you don’t know the name.

Add me to the list of those who’d like to be able to search the guide for a particular show AND a specific channel.

I also find myself wanting the ability to search through the programming list!


Me too, love it on the TIVO.

Please please please. Search would be fantastic!

Well if we’re gonna add search, how about a DVR record button when we find it!

this would be golden, a search option to find shows in the guide