Adding SmartThings


I have a SmartThings V2 hub that I tried adding tonight. I was presented with the SmartThings login, logged in successfully, chose my hub and a few lights to offer access to. However, after hitting the “authorize” button, I received a the following error:

“Pairing Error. Pairing was not successful”

… and nothing was added. Are there known issues with the SmartThings integration currently?



This is a known issue in 4.0.7. It will be fixed in the next release. If you really want to get it working ASAP, we do have a workaround if you contact support.

Note this only affects new pairings. Anyone who has already paired with SmartThings is fine.

Thank you.

Is there a fix for this on the horizon? I’m having the same issue.

Yes, 4.1.0 is waiting on Apple and has the fix for that. If you need it now, we can put you into beta, but 4.1.0 should be out within 5-14 days.

Thank you.

4.1 is now live with the fix for this.

Thank you.