Agent platforms

Hi - are there any plans to allow alternative methods for “remote control” sync other than the agent? My “always-on” machine is Windows-based. I also have a macbook - but obviously, it isnt always on.


Some form of cloud sync would obviously be awesome, but obviously I understand latency and state consolidation is probably an issue.

Also - what happens if I have multiple remotes and I dont have the agent? Right now, I just have the one, but I’m contemplating adding a second. Thanks

First, remember that every copy of Roomie is more or less its own copy of Roomie Agent. So if you just leave a copy of Roomie running all the time, it’s accomplishing the same goal as running Roomie Agent with respect to synchronization. There’s no reason not to leave Roomie running on a dedicated device. Screen burn in doesn’t happen with modern iOS devices. You can run one for years with no issues. Just remember to plug it in.

Roomie Agent itself does provide numerous additional features such as backup/restore, pin locking of Roomie clients, and control over OS X, but from a pure synchronization perspective it’s all the same.

Cloud synchronization works terribly for this kind of thing. We used to have iCloud support for that. It is gone and wont be returning in that form. It just doesn’t work well to synchronize this kind of highly time sensitive data in iCloud.

We’ll also likely introduce Roomie Agent for more platforms, but again the simplest way to do this today is just leave a copy of Roomie running.

Thank you.