Air Conditioner IR

Dear Roomie,

Love the app, love even more the amount of ‘upkeep’ work your staff puts into the system. Really impressive.

Our house is an old house without duct work, so we put in a few split cycle LG air conditioners. The only problem with them is that they don’t support thermostats or anything like that. I’ve had an idea to make a custom device in roomie and control them via IR, however we’d like to be able to control them from the existing remotes as well.

The IR remotes have a ‘feedback’ function, where they receive commands that translate into settings, as well as transfer data back. If i take the remote from room A and go to room B, the first button I hit will ‘sync up’ all of the settings (mode, temp, etc).

I would be extremely interested in a roomie supported hardware device that could send live feedback over IR (much the same way tcp/ip receivers provide live feedback).

If that’s not possible, It’d be great to add air conditioner commands as well.

Thank you

If you’re saying you need to learn custom IR codes, we do have a DDK for that:

(It sounds like there might be more to your message, but the DDK above should get the codes you need into Roomie.)

Yes, I’m going to program custom IR codes in, but what I’m looking for is the ability of the air conditioner to tell Roomie what it’s current status is, over IR.

I think you have this wrong.

The A/c controllers store state. Every command you send contains the complete state. There is no feedback from the A/c unit, but also there is no way store state in Roomie. It would need to use something like iCloud to synchronise state between devices.

It would be an excellent feature. Definitely worth an in-App purchase.