.airplay set

We have multiple Apple TV’s throughout our house. I have activities in each room that control our central Mac mini server with our music library.

I’d like to use .AIRPLAY SET to tell the server which device to stream to. The Apple TV’s are all named Living Room Apple TV, Master Bedroom Apple TV, Office Apple TV, etc. Adding the full name as Parameter 1 doesn’t seem to work. Yet others on here have reported success. I seem to also have some trouble with .PLAYLIST SET as well.

Did something break in a recent build of iTunes? Or am I doing it wrong? I know I can manually toggle, but I’d prefer not to.

Can one of the roomie admins please shed some light on this subject.

I have the same problem.



Itunes library setup on Windows 8 Machine

Itunes IP driver setup on roomie and working for control and feedback (pretty cool thanks for the hard work)



I can manually select the Apple TV I want to airplay (using airplay button), but that is not what I would prefer. I’m trying to take that thinking away from the user who is using the control system. Fellow husband out there, you know how wives can be.


How I have tried to implement this:

In the Activity for Play itunes for the Living Room, I have added the command .Airplay Set with parameter 1 set to Living Room Apple TV. I verified that I have spelt the name correctly, but nothing changes. The airplay button is still set to Computer which is the default. If I select a movie from the guide it starts playing but not on the Apple TV.


Can you please let me know the following:

  1. Is this command currently working in the current public release 1.8 of roomie?

  2. If it is working, please let me know if I am implementing the command correctly? can it be used in an activity? is it only for a button press command?

  3. Are there any issues with this feature using a windows computer and itunes rather than a MAC?

Has anyone figured this out? I have a similar setup to the above. I just can’t figure this one out.



This thread has a summary of how iTunes works for that command:


Thank you.