Alexa integration update in Roomie 6.4

In the latest release notes for Roomie Remote 6.4 (Mac) say “Remember Alexa-specific room instead of overlapping the current room of the device.”

This looks very interesting, but I wanted to confirm that this does what I think… does this mean that once I set a Simple Control room in Roomie via Alexa in a given room that this setting will be remembered only for this Alexa device and other Echo’s in other rooms can have the room set separately and remember it?

If so, this would be awesome. Cheers.

There is only one Alexa. Whatever Alexa room you set is the room for all Alexas linked to your Amazon account. In previous Roomie versions, setting the room via Alexa shared its setting with whatever your room was on your Primary Controller. Now, setting a room in Alexa only applies to Alexa and thus your Primary Controller (which might for example be your Theater control) is not changed by it.

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Thanks for the quick reply Will. Got it. Makes sense!