Amazon Echo

Lots of additional phonetic Activity names are being added, including for game consoles.

Adding channel tuning support is top of the list for Echo right now. Both of these should be pretty soon. No Apple approval needed, but Amazon has their own approval any time we change phonetics.

Thank you.

Ah, yes channel tuning support would be at the top of my request list. Just set up the hub with my Echo yesterday and everything has been working just as advertised. The only two things I found wanting was the ability to ask Alexa to change the channel up, down, or to a specific station once the TV activity was turned on. Still have to pull out my smart phone or pad to change the channels.

Also, excited to see if there will be support for once the Apple TV activity has started, if I could ask Alexa to play a specific movie in my library or ITunes.

Again, I’m loving the Echo integration with Simple Hub as the only thing it was lacking for me for the longest time was the ability to control my TV activities through Simple Control.


Most of that is already live. Please see the Announcements forum:


The Echo Integration Guide is not yet up to date with the new Channel Tuning and Skip/Replay improvements we just deployed.

Thank you.