Amazon Fire TV 4K 2017

Newest model(2017). Auto Discovery doesn’t work both on WiFi and Ethernet(USB 3.0 Dongle).
Simple 4.5. ADB is enabled.

There were numerous software updates made for Fire TV in the various 5.0.X maintenance releases especially related to the newest models. Make sure to update to the latest release of 5.0 which fully supports the new models.

I cannot control either of my Fire 4K sticks with Roomie Remote. They autodiscover just fine (I believe they use port 5555).

I have tried adding and removing both devices to no avail. When I pull up the Roomie control screen none of the Fire HD buttons work at all. I even went off and on Wifi to make sure it was not an error. Is there a setting in the Fire HD stick menu that needs to be configured to allow control over IP?

Yes. The instructions for turning on ADB are right there in the Fire TV device panel.

Ah, I saw that but wasn’t sure that it applied. I will try it. Thanks in advance.