Any limit to number of TV's?

Here’s what I’d like to do. I want to make sure it would work before attempting the set up:


I’d like to control multiple TVs in a sports bar. I’d group certain TVs together (i.e. all west facing TVs) and create an activity to turn them all on, change to channel 33 (ESPN) and set the volume to 30. I’d set similar activities for other groups of TVs. Would this work? Is there a limit to the number of TVs I can control with an activity?


Other than the explicit volume setting, you could probably accomplish that with infrared control. Any form of explicit volume is going to require IP control which will mean a very limited set of TV selections (basically Sharp and Panasonic). However, only Sharp is really going to allow explicit numeric volume via IP.

If you go with infrared, you could for instance use each channel of the iTach IR split with a Xantech IR repeater to many TVs. Make sure to use emitter shields over the emitters to reduce stray infrared from accidentally controlling other TV banks. Emitters designed for shielding are listed here: … TF8&node=9