Any Way to Automate Navigation to Sony Streaming Area

I don’t own a Roomie setup yet, but I certainly will shortly. I have a fairly new Sony XBR, a Dish Satellite DVR and a Sony Blu-Ray player.

My Sony has built-in software access to a number of online streaming sites through on-board Wi-Fi and my local network.

My question is: Is there any way to automate access to the Sony’s streaming menu? As it is, I have to activate the Home menu, slide over various options to the Internet Content icon and then scroll up until I hit “Amazon Instant Video” for instance.

This of course all has to be done on amazingly small buttons aligned as close together as they possibly can be and without any tactile feedback whatsoever - can you hear my frustration? :slight_smile:

So anyway, is this the kind of linear navigation Roomie can record, or is there some way of writing a script to get me to the “Amazon Instant Video” screen, or maybe another solution?

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I have the same question (Sony BDP S5100).

There is a SOAP command for Netflix, but seemingly for nothing else?

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The Hoff

Their boxes vary as to what they actually provide commands for.

Specifically referring to their 2013 TV models however, we did just push new additions to the library tonight with specific buttons for Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu.

It is also possible of course to attach the command sequence you use to access such a service to a button if the box you’re using does not provide a specific command.

Thank you.