Anyone else having issues with Apple TV gesture pad?


Just wondered if anyone else is having issues with the Apple TV gesture pad being unresponsive? This used to be rare, however it’s now happening frequently…

Yes, I’ve experienced this behavior. Not sure why sometimes it works and doesn’t. I end up using the directionals when the gesture pad does not respond or appear properly.

If you mean the track pad mine stopped working too, i switched to the arrow pad,

Also recommendation, can you guys add a reboot button to apple tv? Harmony has one and saves me on lockups.

We’re not able to reproduce an issue here so at this point believe it is exceptionally rare. However, note that we did add around 6.7.0 or so the ability to reset the AppleTV connection by restarting the Activity instead of restarting the app.

It’s 100% reproducible on my end if I simply start the Apple TV activity on one iOS device, then resume the same activity on a second iOS device and the gesture pad on the secondary device will not directional commands. In my case, briefly switching to another room, than back will cause it to respond again.