Apple TV 4 Support?

On the way? :slight_smile:


Safe to say this is something we’re keeping a very close eye on. As a special case, please let’s avoid +1 posts on this thread as it will quickly get out of hand. Some background here. Apple’s Remote app has not yet been updated for the ATV 4: … nd-watchos

This issue is widely believe to be a huge missing piece of the new Apple TV, among countless reviews like this one calling it the “single most disappointing thing about the new Apple TV”:

There are even comics mocking it:

Simple Control uses the same interface used by Apple’s Remote app. It’s not just that Remote app isn’t updated, the interface on the box itself is also not present at this time. The fastest route to control of the new Apple TV is obviously for Apple to turn that back on which while it would be great for us is obviously also something most users feel is a huge oversight as well.

We do have other paths we’re looking at, but in the meantime, we strongly encourage all users to express this requirement to Apple in as frequent and loud a manner as you feel is appropriate.

While this ensues and resolves itself over the course of time, the Apple TV 4 works fine via infrared control.

Thank you.

Apple released tvOS 9.1 today with support for the Apple Remote. So hopefully we’ll see Simple Control support it soon too!

At least that’s my hope!


Yes, this looks good in early testing. We anticipate supporting this in the near future.

We expect this to provide full IP control. The Media Guide doesn’t look like it has been restored yet, but you should still be able to use an iTunes Media Guide to target your Apple TV to play content like you can now.

Thank you.

That’s great news. Having to use a seperate remote is the worst part of the apple TV 4.

Please don’t hold remote support back until guide data is available/working. Basic remote function is much more important.


We didn’t hold back, :smiley:

It’s now available in 4.0.7.

Thank you.

Hooray, thanks for the hard work!

It looks like Apple pushed an update to the Remote App itself today too.