Apple TV 4K Media Guide

I am using Infuse app on my Apple TV 4K to stream my local movies. Is there a possibility of adding media guide support for the Infuse app just like the Plex and Kodi app so that I can view my movies on Simple Control Apple TV guide?

There is no Kodi app for tvOS, but yes there is a Plex app and we do provide Plex Media Guide for Plex on AppleTV.

I’ve never played with Infuse. I’m also not aware of an API for it and a quick Google search did not turn one up. If you come across one, feel free to send it our way.

My apologies,

I meant kodi for Android TV. I will let you know if I come across any API regarding infuse.

Hi Will,
I contacted the support team for Infuse (Firecore) asking them for any published API and here is their reply:

“There isn’t anything like this right now, but depending on your scale we
could potentially look at integrating something custom to achieve this.

Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to discuss further.”

I am thinking they are willing to cooperate to come up with an API if they know there is a larger scale of demand available.