Automatically Show Tray

I was wondering if it’s possible to automatically show a tray?

For my example I really like basic remotes, I don’t need the 100 buttons on my physical remote to operate my TV. So I make fully custom remotes which can only be achieved to my liking “layout wise” if I have all of the buttons in a tray.
(I prefer orderly rows/grid style so I can easily rearrange my buttons to anywhere I want them to be not having the d-pad allocated area in the middle of the screen blowing my grid style out).

FYI Heres an example of my old setup:

Heres an example of my ongoing new setup where I have to hit the Samsung logo to show the tray containing all my channel custom buttons (not lucky enough to have an integrated guide here in Australia):

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Impressive layouts. Wish I had the patience for that.