Basic Bluesound Custom Driver

For those wanting Bluesound support (, I recently created a basic driver using the Bluesound HTTP API and the Simple Control DDK.

Unfortunately the DDK does not support XML as a valid format for device feedback, so the only supported commands are currently:


At least this lets you include Bluesound commands in Simple Control macro’s - which is better than nothing!

The forum software doesn’t allow attaching .plist files, so here are the contents of my “RoomieCodes.plist” file:

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

cat BluOS codes NEXT /Skip PREVIOUS /Back PRESET4 /Preset?id=4 PRESET3 /Preset?id=3 PRESET2 /Preset?id=2 PAUSE /Pause PRESET1 /Preset?id=1 PLAY /Play PRESET5 /Preset?id=5 brand Bluesound method http type 13 [/code]

Use the instructions in the DDK Support article ( … om-device/) to create your own plist file and import to your configuration.

Then just add a new device in the Simple Control settings, and choose “Manual IP” device. Enter the IP address of your Bluesound device (for example, and enter the port as “11000”.

Does anyone know if Bluesound supports an App Scheme URL (for example “bluesound://”) to switch to the Bluesound app from SimpleControl?


Did you ever expand on this? I recognize this is an old post but BluOS has come a long way…