Benq W7000 Projector RS232 control

I have the serial commands for my projector (Benq W7000) here: … mmands.pdf

I hooked it up to the iTach Wifi with a null modem cable, and I can telnet to it on port 4999 and issue it commands. Now I’m trying to load it into a RoomieCodes.plist and get it working with roomie. Here’s my attempt:

Roomie loads the plist fine from a dropbox backup, and I can now add the Benq W7000 as a projector in the add device wizard, but the commands don’t do anything to the projector. Is there something obvious I have wrong in my plist? I have a feeling this has to do with the “” in the W7000 commands, which I interpret to be an actual carriage return (which should happen in lineio mode right?). Has anyone seen “” in an RS232 code for a device before?

FYI, to talk to the projector with the iTach Wifi, I had to set these serial settings in the web interface:
Baud: 115200
Data Length: 8 bit
Parity Check: None
Stop Bit: 1 bit
Flow Control: None

The codes you made look correct, but they left out the prefix . Oddly, the command list prefixes the command with a CR as well as suffixing it.

So anyway, the fix is quite simple. Just add “\x0D” without the quotes to the beginning of every command in the string value. You don’t need it at the end because Roomie does that for you.

Yup that did it. Thought that might be the case but wasn’t sure how to escape the carriage return in Roomie serial syntax. I updated the plist file linked above with more commands in case anyone else wants it.

We’ll add them to the main library so you wont need to keep that around after that next update.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m trying to add my BenQ MW519 with iTach Flex to Serial.

How can I send commands using telnet to test them?