Blu-Ray Live Feedback via IP?

Panasonic really disappointed with the lack of Live Feedback via IP on their 2013 models. Other manufacturers (according to the Compatibility page) either lack it entirely or claim it will be supported in the “future.”

Is there any indication of this situation improving this year? I’m hoping new models of Blu-Ray players announced later this month will offer some hope in this area. As much as I would love to have an Oppo, it’s just not in my price range :-/


Actually, it’s pretty much only Panasonic that was a total fail for the 2013 models. They have been going through a troubling couple of years and 2013 was hopefully the low point. It was particularly disappointing given that they stated they would support it, marketed it as supported, and then reversed everything once it hit the street and someone there apparently realized they didn’t actually build it in. Based on our spelunking around inside, it looks like they farmed out their Blu-ray player innards to some other company for their 2013 models so we don’t think that will ever be fixed and users should simply not buy Panasonic’s 2013 models.

The Panasonic 2012 models were recently fixed to support proper power control. Note that other than Oppo, Panasonic’s players always had some of the best feedback (pre-2013). Scrubbing and position display at the ~$100 price point is something exclusive to Panasonic’s 2011 and 2012 players.

Today for 2013 models, by far the best choice is the Sony BDP-S5100 that we recommend in the recommended systems list. That’s assuming the Oppo 103D and Kaleidescape systems are outside the price range of course.

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Perhaps I’m reading the compatibility chart wrong. Are you saying the Sony BDP-S5100 has live feedback? If so, it would be very compelling.


I should clarify that I’m asking about full feedback: time, scrubbing, etc.


Sony Blu-ray players do not provide scrubbing or position feedback, unlike Panasonic’s 2012 and 2011 models. On the other hand, the Sony 5100 does provide Media Identification (what is the name of the disc/title) for both discs and streaming (for instance, if you watch Netflix, what is the title of the program, etc.) which none of the Panasonic models do.

It’s a tradeoff. From a pure control perspective, the Panasonic 2012 models are now a good bet since they finally fixed the power issue a few weeks ago – we would assume they fixed that because they know the 2013 models are useless. Perhaps it a sign they took development back in house for 2014?

Of course, then there is the fact that CES 2014 starts next Monday and who knows what claims will be made about the new models. Let’s not forget however that Panasonic reps stated unequivocally at CES 2013 that their BD players would have the same IP control as the 2012 models and we know how that turned out so it is often several months before what happens next week can be tested and verified.

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Thanks for explaining Media Identification.

I was looking forward - with a bit of hope - to some good news in this area at CES. I’ve been drawn to the Panny units, but would not buy a two year-old model without considerable thought… Hopefully they learned their lesson after last years’ debacle! As you say, we may not know immediately.