Can't add repeating command to Play Pad button

I am trying to add a repeating command to a Play Pad button but it is greyed out. I can send the command once and it works fine, but can’t find a way to repeat. Works as expected in Directional Pad.

Why is this?

This is fixed in 1.9 which should be live most likely on Tuesday.

Thank you.

This is not fixed for me in 1.9

There is a different, unrelated issue with repeat commands in 1.9.0. The issue fixed in 1.9.0 was the inability to set Repeat for commands to IP and Serial devices. The issue introduced in 1.9.0 is not being able to set “Repeat While Touched” on a Remote Design button. If it is already set in a Remote Design, of course it works fine. The latter issue is fixed in 1.9.1.

Thank you.