Change activity order in version 5

Is there a way to change the order of the activities listed within a room in the new SC version 5? I want the most used activity listed first, and was hoping there is a way to reorder the activity list within a room without having to delete and redo all the activities in the order I want.

That’s what it does automatically. The most used activities automatically sort themselves to the top.

It would still be great to have the option to manually change the order of activities and have it stay that way. It is somewhat confusing when activities move around just because you use a different one once.

In 5.5, Activities can be freely re-ordered. Only the Simple Home dashboard is ordered by usage statistics.

Great news! Do you have an estimated release date for 5.5?

Even if we had a “release date” which is probably 1-2 months out, the App Store decides when things get released. They can do things in less than a day, or they could take a very long time.