Changing port


A while ago, I created a device Dreambox Satellite. At that time it was not possible to add HTML authentification. Now i see that if i create a new device this is possible now! Thanks for that. But it seems that it is not possible to change the existing one, to add this?

Another question I have is this: I used for this Dreambox Satellite 192.168.1.xx:80. Is it possible to change the port-number from 80 to something else? It doesn’t seem to possible by edit devices. At this moment I can only create a new device, and delete the old one. But then i destroy my activities where this device is used.

Regards, Frank

Authentication can be changed at any time. Just enter the username/password at the bottom of the device panel for the Dreambox.

Changing the port however does require re-adding the device.

Thank you.


Authentication is not available in the old device. No option to put username or password. Created this device in older version. I already created a new one with the new port and un. and pass.

Working like a charm again.