Channels, provider and guide settings won't save

Saving the guide settings saves to the device associated with the current Activity. It can be a bit confusing and is simpler in 1.5. Meanwhile, just make sure that you first open the Activity which has the target channel device set in the ‘Opens Remote’ field. Then setup the guide for that device and Save.

The guide that is displayed during the time when no Activity is open or Roomie has just been launched fresh is for the first channel changing capable device in your device list.


i have 1.5.2 and does not save the guide, everytime i restart the app, or change to another room and get back, i have to input data again

Also, when guide is working, does not send commands

Viewsat remote
Activity/Viewsat remote
Opens remote (viewsat)
Dish Mcallen Tx

viewsat with Legal dish sub (does not like dish GUI)
wifi n

Thanks in advanced

This is clarified in a future release. For the 1.5.X series, just make sure you have (1) opened an Activity, and (2) that Activity has a device capable of channel changes set as its ‘Opens Remote’ device, and (3) given 1 and 2, then edit the guide settings.

Just being in a room will not configure the guide for a specific device.

thanks for quick reply

since the first time i did that, but no saving, also does not change channel from guide

That means it’s not connected to the correct device per step 2 above.

Support can look at your configuration to tell you which step still needs to be performed.