Command Delays for HomeKit Lighting - Activitys

I have Activities EG: Watch Directv, Watch Roku ect… These are used to power on the system and setup that Activity. Power OFF runs commands to do just that power down the system. Most all the command come with Delays built in to control how long the program waits between commands. For all theseactivities I would like to have automation control of lighting added in.
I have Hue and Lutron Castea both setup thru HomeKit. Doing it this way is great but it seems there is no ability to edit delays for these commands. IF I wanted to add 2 lights to turn on when I power on the system to watch directv I can do that but if I wanted it to delay 25 seconds then run a command to dim them I can’t it seems as there is no adjustment in these lighting commands and no basic dummy delay command to insert.
What is the best way to add lighting to activities? Is there or can there be a dummy delay added?

I do not have big delays. I tried to set a delay between the commands for 30 seconds to send the IP relay of the stop command after lowering and raising the video screen. But after 30 seconds the command is not sent …