Config Swap / Switch Houses

Dear Roomie,

We use Roomie to control our systems in two houses, and it’d be great if there was a way to have two houses/ save multiple configs to the iPad to swap between. Maybe even GPS based auto-switching?


at the very least a Manual swap would be excellent

Actually, I would go further than this. I’d like to have both house and room specific remotes from which I can select all or a subset of the rooms/devices I have.

For example, on MY iPhone I want to have both houses and all rooms; I can understand the complexity.

But in our theater, I’d like to have an iPad that just has the devices in the theater, so that a guest (for example) can watch a movie without having to understand all the complexity of the entire house(s).
I can imagine several ways to implement this (a page with a “display these rooms” check box list), but the key, of course, is how this interacts with saving things on dropbox, etc. As it is, I think the way I’m going to do it for now is to have a master file with everything, and then for the specific remotes, I’ll just delete the unwanted rooms. A pain of course (especially when I want to do updates) and if there is a better way please let me know.




Maybe related to this: it would be nice if you can nest ‘room’ layouts. I don’t know about others, but I have quickly created so many actions in a room that it becomes quite a long list to search for the actual action you want to click. Would be great if you could open a room layout, then have multiple sub menu’s (layout), and then get to the actual action lists.

in the same way I would imagine this to work with multiple houses -> multiple rooms


The simplest way to switch houses and use completely different configurations would be to use Roomie Agent (or an always-on Roomie Remote in each location). As long as something with the home configuration like that is listening, all you have to do on the moved device is hit “Reset Configuration” and the local configuration will absorb immediately.

Thank you.