Configuration Deployment

I have about 10 devices on which I need to deploy my settings. Each time I make a change, I have to connect to iTunes to deploy or manually touch each device. Is there a better way to ‘sync’ the config?

Have you setup and used Dropbox? Works great for syncing between devices

Dropbox is significantly simpler than the iTunes method. With Dropbox you just hit the button on each device and you’re done. Dropbox is free. Just establish an account at, tell Roomie about it with the Link button, and then hit Backup to Dropbox. On the other devices, link them as well and then hit Restore from Dropbox. After the first time, you don’t need the link steps.

Tried Dropbox - works great. Thanks! Some sort of automatic push of the config to other devices on the account would be even better, but I’m not sure how feasible that would be. Any thoughts?


This product is amazing. We are doing an upgrade of our home theater system. My AV guy said this was the way to go. He was right - Roomie is fantastic. This is top flight stuff.

Found the forum - and I have just done the Dropbox method for transferring settings from my iPad (the originals that the AV tech set up) to my iPhone. I have a couple questions.

Another topic mentioned some difficulties in the use of different iOS devices during the same TV “session”. I believe that means if I sit down with one device I should “drive” with that device till I power off?

I want to transfer this configuration to another iPhone and iPad. However, the two devices are under a different Apple ID. The set up is complex. It’s not a simple manual transfer.

Is there some way to get it to their dropbox account?

That’s one of the advantages of using Dropbox. You can just share the same Dropbox account regardless of how many Apple IDs you use. If they are devices for different people and you want your own Dropbox separately, just link Roomie to its own Dropbox account named ‘CHV Roomie’ for instance on each device.

OK - that is great to hear. I figured there was a way.

Next question. Let’s say existing iPod and iPad are on Dropbox A (mine). When I hit the “link to Dropbox” on each, it automatically connects to A. Other user has a Dropbox B. Proposed idea is to have a “Rommie” Dropbox ©.

I have only set up one Dropbox on my devices (A). If I set up Dropbox C, when I hit link, will it give me an option to select Dropbox A or C? Or, do I need to create C, point all devices at C. Sync. Then, redirect the devices back to Dropboxes A nd B?

It depends on whether you’re using the Dropbox app or website. In either case it’s easy to have a Dropbox C.

I have the app installed on both of my iOS devices. I don’t know what the app looks like with multiple dropbox accounts - I guess I will find out shortly. I am guessing as long as “dropbox C” is active all will be good.

My iPad and iPod both are connected to the AV system and control it. Thanks for the info - it worked seamlessly. I have purchased both the Home Theater and Infrared packs.

When I add my wife’s two devices, they are under a separate apple ID.

So - tell me if I have this right. Wife’s devices restore/set up from the new dropbox C, where I have uploaded the “master” Roomie file. Will I need to buy another infrared and home theater pack for her Apple ID?

Specifically referring to the multi-device Roomie installs, we have a FAQ on that here:


This actually sounds like the opposite. I want devices on 2 apple IDs able to run the system. Are you saying that’s not possible? This part of the FAQ sounds like it is saying I CAN NOT have 2 Apple IDs

A given iOS device is not forced into one Apple ID. You just go into Store Settings, Sign Out of your Apple ID and then sign in to the other one.

The only inconvenience associated with multiple Apple IDs on one device is that any software updates will ask your for the password for the other Apple ID. So that’s why it really only works for family of course.

Thanks - I will give that a try. I’ll let you know how it goes!