Configuring a Remote

I’m a Roomie nubie (and love it!) and am trying to set up a few custom remotes for my phone. Please help me understand a few concepts:

  1. In the Edit Activity screen, there are two entries, Opens Remote and Remote Design. I know that Remote Design deals with the layout of the on screen remote, but I’m not clear what Opens Remote does. Does the Remote Design just override the Opens Remote selection, or does it work in conjunction with it?

  2. It is tricky getting buttons and feedback objects to line up with any amount of regularity. On some remote designs there are objects that show up on the remote that are not present in the layout screen (e.g. menus from a Marantz receiver). Is there any way to turn these objects off, or move them lower in the layout? Also, getting the volume up/down and mute buttons to show up in the same spot on all remote designs is hit or miss. Is there any way to have them always show up top right (or left)?

  3. Is it possible to set-up ‘buttons’ that can be placed on several remote designs rather than having to set them up on each remote? I’d like to have a lighting control button (with several settings) on most of my remotes (rather than a pop-up) and was hoping there was something less tedious (especially when needing to reprogram all of them).

  4. Is it possible to test a button on the Remote Design without going all the way back out of the Activity Editing?




  1. Opens Remote designates the base device for the Remote Design. If you don’t specify a Remote Design, a default Remote Design will be generated every time the Activity is opened. If you tap Remote Design, the Opens Remote device is what it will be based upon and it will be the Default Device for that Remote Design which means that Remote Design can then also be used in another Activities or Rooms with devices of that same type.

For instance you could create a TiVo remote design with a few custom buttons and then use the same one for several TiVo Activities with different TiVos.

  1. Maybe a screenshot would help here. In general, all default Remote Designs put the same buttons in exactly the same place.

  2. In that scenario, you would define a Popup Activity. You could define it in another room so it doesn’t take up space in any rooms. Then specify the custom button Command Type is Activity and select the Activity from the other room that opens the lighting Remote Design you created.

  3. Roomie 2.0 introduced inline editing of Remote Designs. Rather than go all the way into the Activity and then edit the Remote Design, just tap the name of the Remote Design at the top of the screen and it will jump immediately to the editor.

Thank you.