Control Slingplayer On Mac?

Hi Roomie…

I’m about to pull the trigger on the app, but I was wondering if you also have a good solution for remote controlling a slingplayer on a mac (mountain lion). I have purchased remotebuddy if that helps. I’d like a single app to handle the couple of use cases I have in our house.



So the idea would be to control the Sling website? It has been years since there was an actual SlingPlayer for Mac OS X. As far as we can see on ours, Sling for Mac is more like Flash, it’s just an embedded video in a website. So the way to “control” it with Roomie is to control the end devices. For instance if you use your Sling to watch a TiVo, you would add the TiVo to Roomie. So you don’t really control Sling, you control what it would have controlled and thereby affect what it watches.

Thanks - I guess I can configure remotebuddy to launch the website but it requires some manual intervention. Controlling the slingbox is important as it doesn’t yet look like you have access to control verizon FIOS settop boxes.

In the same vein, controlling the Verizon box is something you do via the iTach adapter as it is an IR device. So again, you’re not controlling the Sling website, you’re controlling all of your devices just as you normally would.

Hi, is it possible to control a cable box that is tied to my slingbox in a remote location, i.e. outside of my home network?