Crash when adding a new device

The application crashes after 1-2s of searching when I click add new devices in a existing room. happens in both ios5.1.1 and iOS 6b2.

It was easy to find the crash log for this as it seems to be specific to a device on your network. However, we can’t tell what it is from our logs. We can just say that some kind of device that responds to UPnP is causing an issue on your network and that deactivating it would resolve the issue until we can block it in a maintenance release.

only two other Upnp devices in my network are sonos bridge and my synology nas. Both have been present when I set up my roomie using 1.4 and it was working. No problem adding, editing, removing devices.
So as my devices haven’t changed, probably something with sonos interaction as that is a new feature addition.

One of them has an invalid UPnP response. In any case, you can resolve the issue by disabling the problem device. Given that we know Sonos works, it sounds likely that would be the NAS as your device is the only one experiencing that issue which in our population the NAS would be very rare and Sonos would not be.

I’ll give it a try when I get home, but disabling upnp on the nas is not an option so I need a workaround. Anyway it doesn’t explain why v1.4 is working and v1.5 is crashing when my nas has the same configuration in both scenarios. Have done anything to the upnp signal handling in v1.5?

The workaround is to disable the NAS. It’s only for device discovery so you disconnect it, add the device, reconnect it. Meanwhile, certainly that is something we’ll fix in maintenance.

I have tested my configuration and it is the iTunes server in my nas that caused the crash. My media server in nas do not cause any crash but prevent discovery of sonos devices (the itach was discovered ok). Basically the same way it worked in version 1.4

I’ve run into the same problem. I have an iTunes server on my Synology NAS. Roomie was crashing every time it attempted to find new devices. After reading this, I temporarily disabled the iTunes server and it’s able to successfully build a list of my other iTunes devices.

This is fixed in 1.5.1 which is already in queue (but queue times are around 8 days right now!) We apologize for the inconvenience.

great for a fast patch, looking forward to 1.5.1.