Custom collapse

I like the space saving collapse commands. It would be great to have the ability to create custom collapse like buttons, but put whatever in there rather than restrict to like named commands.

It would be nice if it worked just like macros now, create button, add the list of commands, and hit a switch to make this button a custom collapse instead of a multi command macro.




Hello Roomie, this may be similar to other feature requests, but for my configuration, I’d like to be able to add descriptions to one area.

I have a Video Switcher device that has four inputs. The Virtual Remote is a Collapsible Button labeled “Input” and pressing it reveals selections ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ and ‘4’. I would like to be able to edit the revealed selections to add the device descriptions to the input numbers so other family members don’t need to remember what order the components are in.

Is this something already planned for 1.9 ?

Thanks again!

How do we actually specify the values/commands for a custom list button? If I want to have a list button with a drop down of list values each of which executes a certain command, how do I do that?

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