Custom Devices process for V5

With V5, how do we maintain custom devices? We used to use the dropbox process (RoomieCodes.plist). I have a couple of custom devices which act as integration between simplecontrol and an automation system. They are custom (really only for my use) and therefore have maintained them in the RoomieCodes.plst process documented from their website. I no longer see the dropbox options and iCloud backup creates a really different file(s) than before. Thanks. SJ

The new backup format is more or less the same as before just combined. Instead of managing custom devices at the top level, they’re managed inside the codes key. Unzip, edit your devices in the codes key, re-zip, restore is the process, essentially the same as before.

Thanks Will for the info. What zip program do you recommend for unzip and re-zip for Mac OS? The backup file created in iCloud doesn’t seem to unzip into a specific filetype or maybe I’m using the wrong zip program. :slight_smile: Also, do we continue to use Xcode to modify like the previous process? This worked great for me. SJ

It’s just a text file. BBEdit and/or Xcode would be good choices depending on what you’re more comfortable with.

OK. I will take a look. At some point maybe you could update your documentation for custom devices like you have for V4.5. The process in V4.5 was pretty straightforward and using Xcode to edit/add the RommieCodes.plist was very simple and clear. Not sure Xcode will work as easy with the new file layout, but maybe need to use another tool or something. Thanks. SJ