Denon Ceol piccolo

would be great to have the Denon Ceol piccolo over IP in Roomie

The web page for it says it is compatible with the Denon Remote app. That means there’s a reasonable chance it is compatible with our Denon IP set. Try adding it via Manual IP on port 80 and then choose Receiver->Denon->AVR Series IP Zone 1.

Thank you.

I tried to add it the way you told. But only the power button worked . The volume slider worked…but with very strange behaviour. The volume range showed was from -85 to +50.

Well that’s excellent news. We can try to refine that further via diagnostics. If you contact support, we will take a look at that.

Thank you.

I am now trying to use the DDK to control my Ceol over IP. I found a lot of infos about the Denon system control IP protocol for this device in the internet. So far I have integrated a lot of commands but I don’t understand how the toggle commands (power toggle, mute toggle) work. How is a toggle command defined in the RoomieCodes.plist file? And how can I integrate the feedback ? Hope you can help me… thanks in advance

Absolutely. We can take a look at your RoomieCodes file in Support and help create a correct command set for that.

Thank you.