Device Power Management Across Rooms

I am using Roomie to control a Niles ZR6-based multizone setup. Instead of using the ZR6 to issue commands to the source devices, I’m using Roomie and Global Cache IR interfaces, and to issue commands to the ZR6 a Global Cache RS232 interface.

Normally, the ZR6 manages power for source devices across the zones. If a device isn’t powered up and it is selected as a source for a zone, it is powered up. That device won’t be powered down until there are no zones using that source. So this allows a user to turn zones on or off in any order using that source, and the ZR6 knows when a source can be finally powered down.

In Roomie, I can set a device to be powered on for all activities in a room, or powered only for certain activities for that room. But it appears the power management is limited to within a room. If I have an XM tuner as a Power Device for my XM activity, it will be turned off if I change activities in that room, or choose System Off. Even if that same device has been powered up by another user (to listen to the same source) in the meantime.

Unless I am mistaken, I can’t have Roomie manage the power for this device, since it doesn’t track usage across rooms. Is that correct? If so, it would be useful to be able to specify multiroom power tracking for a given device, to account for configurations like this.