Device that has both RS232 as well as IR



I am thinking about using Roomie for our theater, but we have both IR components as well as a projector that uses RS232/IR. I am trying to eliminate the number of devices I need to work with Roomie and wanted to see if there is a device that will relay both IR and RS232. Any help would be appreciated.



Some years ago it was more popular to make big, expensive boxes with lots of serial and IR ports. Now with the iTach Flex, it’s so much easier to use multiple boxes. You can hook up tons of them to the same USB hub or TV for power, they’re cheap and much cheaper than the big combo boxes used to be, super small, and require basically no configuration. So in summary we always recommend using multiple iTach Flex units for that (though, technically of course Roomie is compatible with many different products and many ways of solving that issue including some of the old combo boxes.)

Thank you.