Directv C-41 client

Just installed Genie system with Genie and three client C-41 boxes. I can control the H-44 Genie via ip. Need to clean up the remote a bit but everything works Great. The client works via ip for all but power on /off. Anyone have a suggestion?



Had hoped the latest update would solve my issue but it did not. When searching to add new device, my C-41 is still recognized as a C-31. This is not a huge problem other than it just will not turn on and off via ip control. Again, any advice?


Power control issues with that model were previously reported:


If you need the power commands for the C31/41 to operate in a different way, that’s something DirecTV would need to change and that we would recommend reporting to them as a customer of theirs. We’re issuing the official and documented commands. There’s no difference from a control perspective between C31 and C41.

Thank you.