DirecTV channels

Hey folks, how do I correct incorrect channels for my area in the guide?

My postal code is 55902, and the Provider chosen is “DirecTV with Rochester Austin Area Channels (Central)”. From the looks of things it is assume we have the distant market waiver, which (1) DirecTV hasn’t accepted in many years and (2) is no longer needed because they (finally) launched local HD over the satellite a month or so ago.

You mean it lists extra channels for your area that DirecTV does not give you access to? That’s normal. Just don’t select them for your list of channels and then you wont see them. In theory some people might have access to them so it is correct to list them.

No, it lists then in place of the correct channel. Some of my locals are missing, others are replaced by similar, but different, channels from New York.

If you believe there is an incorrect channel listing, please email support with your zip code, exact provider name, and up to 3 examples of incorrect channels. For instance, “channel 1 should be KNBC channel 4” or something like that, and we’ll pass it on to our providers.